How to Make a Good Cappuccino

How good you make cappuccino depends on two things; your experience and the coffee machine you usually use. If you are a professional chef with background training in Italy for instance, you probably make better cappuccino than most people. On the other hand, if you have a machine that does an exceptional job, you can make good cappuccino even when you hardly received any training in making the beverage. But what if you don’t know how to make cappuccino? The following article contains a guide for you.

Select a Suitable Machine

how to make a good cappuccinoResearch about different espresso makers before you buy one to help you prepare cappuccino. Some of the machines in the market for instance can barely brew any good espresso. As such, you wouldn’t expect the machine to make cappuccino for you either. Fortunately, there are cheap espresso makers in the market you could comfortably rely on. On the other hand, the type of coffee beans you prefer probably work well with a particular espresso maker. If you love using fresh ground beans for instance, be prepared to invest in a bean-to-cup machine.

Prep the Machine Properly

Prepping a coffee maker is an important step that helps making a beverage with weird tastes. It also helps check that everything is okay and prevent spills that could potential happen as you make your cappuccino. Fortunately, you can prep the machine in less than one minute. Simply fill the reservoir with clean, cold water. Place at empty cup at the other end of the spout and switch on your coffee maker. If you do it right, you can expect to see last time’s coffee grain leftovers coming out with water. If it is a new machine, you at least get to clean it and probably eliminate any smell that could spoil the taste of your cappuccino.

Make Espresso

cappuccinoYes, espresso is an essential component of cappuccino. And it works great when you prepare it before prepping the remaining components; frothed milk and coffee. Fortunately, making espresso isn’t difficult when you have the right machine and coffee beans. Usually, already ground beans are ideal when the end goal is to make cappuccino. This is because finely ground berries go through the machine faster and bring out a better flavor than other berries.

Once you have the coffee, measure them out depending on the amount of espresso you intend to make. For a single person, a 7g spoon of coffee is usually enough. For two or more people however, add enough coffee as you wish. After that, check the instructions for making espresso from the manufacturer’s manual or do it as you prefer. It takes less than thirty seconds to make a cup of espresso, and you can note if you did it right by checking for a golden creamy appearance at the top.

Prep your Coffee Maker for Cappuccino

The second component of cappuccino revolves around milk. You prep it by using a coffee machine’s steam pipe. Here, the milk undergoes a series of changes from smooth and light to an airy appearance. After that, switch your machine to a cappuccino setting if it has one. As you will observe, the water temperatures increases and steam is created. Turn on the control tap to expel this excess steam

Froth the Milk

The foam in cappuccino certainly comes from frothed milk. But how do you do it? Add your desired amount of the heated milk into a jug. Turn on the machine’s steam pipe and control the jug for great frothing. Usually, you should observe bubbles forming from the milk while the milk expands in size. Let the frothing continue as you are fully satisfied at the size. Note to overstay as the milk may reach a boiling point and go flat.

Add the Froth to Espresso

For a fine cup of cappuccino, add the froth milk you made to your previously made espresso. If you had also made coffee, add all three components in equal proportions.

Tips to Use for Better Cappuccino

  • If you want to decorate the cappuccino, you can add cocoa powder on top. Be cautioned however that it may hide the original flavor of cappuccino.
  • When frothing, steam continuously to ensure all the milk is frothed.
  • When pouring the espresso, pour it in a circular motion, for a professional iconic look at the top. In fact, let the pour be singular, so that it can form whichever shape or design you want at the top.
  • For the best frothed milk, lower the steaming wand lower and lower as more froth is being made. However, keep calm and allow the machine to froth the milk on its own.
  • Use whole milk for ultimately thick, creamy froth. Using non-fat milk on the other hand produces froth that dissipates quickly.

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