How to Choose the Best Espresso Maker

Is a rise in demand for espresso at your coffee shop putting you at a risk of losing coffee customers? Do you simply love espresso more than coffee? Invest in an espresso maker. Buying an espresso isn’t an easy decision however. This is because most of the machines in the market are primarily built for coffee, making them less effective at making the best qualitfy espresso. Don’t’ worry though, as the following guide can help you identify the best espresso machine.

Types of Espresso Machines

types of espresso machines

  1. Manual Espresso Makers

    If you love controlling every aspect of the espresso brewing process, a manual machine may be what you need. Yes, you work more than when you have a modern machine, but then you get the exact taste of espresso you probably savor. Isn’t that good? It doesn’t end with ease of control actually. Today, there are highly convenient espresso makers that are designed to run the manual way. You dial a few buttons in the process, but end up getting the sublime espresso you love with a machine that doesn’t look out of date.  On the downside, these machines are rather expensive. And worse still, you may endure several cups of horrible espresso if you aren’t good at making the drink.

  2. Semi-Automatic Machines

    While not fully automatic, semi-auto espresso makers are much easier to use than their manual counterparts. They are run with the help of electric pumps for ease of use, and are fast espresso makers as well. They may not offer the best control like manual machines, but you could still make good quality espresso with them. With many of the modern semi-automatic machines in the market, you still get to control how you brew espresso. Another advantage with the machines is their popularity. They are very common in almost every store, even though the very best semi-auto makers are more expensive.

  3. Fully Automatic Espresso Maker

    As their name suggest, fully automatic espresso machines operate digitally in almost every aspect. They for instance automate the amount of water used and delivered during the brewing process. As such, the machines are some of the easiest to use. Unfortunately, fully auto espresso machines are not suitable to someone who likes to control how their espresso will taste. Again, the machines aren’t cheaper, making them only an option if you don’t any specific tastes with your espresso or latte.

  4. Super Automatic Espresso Makers

    If you dearly love a machine that does all the work for you, invest in a super automatic machine. The espresso machine is designed to do almost every aspect of brewing espresso, while you are left with serving the drink with no messes to clean up. It is a good choice for someone who drinks quite a lot of espresso per day or someone who owns a coffee shop. With their many specialty features such as programmable settings however; expect to pay a fortune for the espresso machine.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Espresso Maker

espresso maker buying guide

  • Ease of Use – Whether you love to control every aspect of brewing espresso or you want the machine to do all the work; check for a machine’s ease of use. The best espresso for instance comes with a programmable panel, so that you select how you want your espresso or cappuccino made.
  • Quality of Construction – One of the most important aspects of a good espresso machine is its quality. Look at its construction therefore and decide if it is worth investing in. If most of its parts are made of plastic for instance, you should probably doubt its durability. Check for its design on the other hand and judge if it suits your personal preference.
  • Cost – An espresso machine is often as good as its price. However, the cost of a particular machine may have been based on certain factors. For instance, most of the high end machines cost more because they are more durable. On the other hand, you may find a cheap machine that whose only flaw is a lack of digital specialties.
  • Size – The size of an espresso you choose to buy can be based on the number of people it is meant to serve at your home. A double shot espresso maker for instance might be a better machine for a family, because it makes more espresso at a shorter period of time.
  • Extra Features – Sometimes it pays off to spend more on coffee makers because of its additional features. If it comes with a built-in coffee grinder for instance, a water filter and a tone of programmable settings, buy it instead of a cheaper model that lacks these features.

In the end, the goal should be to buy the most convenient, flexible and durable espresso machine your budget allows.

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