Career Training

November 27, 2015

It is with great sadness that we announce the closing of our Professional Training Programs.

For eight years, with pride and professionalism, we trained a community of culinary and pastry chefs who now share their skills and talent with the kosher food world. They bring exemplary skills and passion to restaurants, catering, manufacturing, media, management, as personal chefs, and more. We know they will continue to make us proud.

Any questions regarding this announcement can be forwarded to Going forward, alumni will be able to continue to contact us at this address as well. 

Jewish Baking Classics

You’ve never tasted Babka and Rugelach like these!
Join us for this special class and bring the classics back home.


Date Night - Fall Feast

"A meal to remember"

Work together with that special someone to create a delicious, 4-course, upscale dinner.



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