Keeping your Coffee Shop Clean with a Pressure Washer

For many people, and this includes most of your customers, a coffee shop clean on the outside is also likely to be clean on the inside. The health department is also less likely to pay you frequent visits if your shop sparkles from a distance. But how can you make your coffee shop appear like a five star hotel when you probably don’t have a big budget? Invest in a good pressure washer. But of more importance, maintain a high level of sanitation at your shop by doing the following.

Pressure Wash the Floors

keep your coffee shop clean with a pressure washerMost coffee shops steam clean floors at their businesses regularly. In any case, customers tend to be keen on the cleanliness of the floors at your business. Unfortunately, most of the mops and cleaning solutions you probably use don’t eliminate grime and stains 100 percent. Due to this, your floors are left with certain areas stuck with smelly grime. However, a pressure washer is effective at eliminating almost any type o stains from a restaurant. Pressure washing is also faster, which ideally saves on your time. But as you take care of the floors, don’t forget to clean the dumpsters. They easily get dirty and hold bacteria that could cause diseases to you and your employees. Dumpsters also get smelly fast, but fortunately a pressure washer can clean them to eliminate every stain or grime in them.

Clean the Outdoor Seating Places

Once you are done cleaning the floors, work on the outdoor seating area. Customers who often come to drink or dine at your coffee shop’s dining area are often loyal customers. They could skip several other restaurants just to your coffee shop. As such, make your outdoor seating place the best for them. Clean this area with a pressure washer regularly and customers will always come to your coffee shop. Besides the seating area, take care of every other outdoor section at your shop. The parking lot for instance, the signage and windows for instance can all be made to appear dazzling with simple pressure washing.

While you work hard to ensure the floors, kitchen and outdoor areas are thoroughly pressure washed, never underestimate the need to keep your dishes and coffee equipment clean. They are the most important tools at your coffee shop after all. Fortunately, you almost can’t have problems maintaining the small tools and espresso makers. The major problem however lies in eliminating the hard stains that continuously give you headaches even when you have a good steam mop. And maybe, buying a pressure washer may not help you much given your busy schedule. So, is hiring a professional cleaner a good decision for you?

Reasons For and Against Hiring a Professional Cleaner


  • Professionals have better Pressure Washers – Buying a good pressure washer isn’t an easy decision. Fortunately, pressure washers already know how these machines work, and they will come with the best at your coffee shop. With good pressure washers, professional cleaners can then clear grime and stains.
  • They have Access to Appropriate Cleaning Solutions – Another advantage of hiring a professional is that they will come with the best solutions for your coffee shop. You probably don’t know the solutions that clean faster without leaving unwanted odors. But fortunately, a professional knows everything about such solutions.
  • They are trained and Experienced – While you may be a good business person, you are probably not good at cleaning with a pressure washer. By contrast, professionals are trained and earn their living through pressure washing. They know how to control the pressures, how to use heating elements and how to eliminate all grime from your coffee shop.
  • They are convenient – If you spend most of your time dealing with customers, finding time to pressure wash can be difficult. Hiring a professional cleaner therefore saves you time, and allows you to concentrate on the money making aspect of your business.

Why you don’t have to hire a professional

  • Pressure washing a coffee shop takes less time – If you own a coffee stand, it is not necessary to hire a professional. Investing in a cheap, but good quality pressure on the other hand can have more value to someone like you. This is because you can always pressure wash late in the evenings in less than fifteen minutes and save the money you would have spent on a professional for other purposes.
  • It is easy to pressure wash – If you can afford a pressure washer, you will always find it fun to pressure wash. Again, you can use your coffee shop washer at home whenever you want to. This way you save more money and have both your home and your work place clean at all times.

Despite of what option you settle for, make pressure washing at your coffee shop a regular activity. After all, a clean shop is always an attractive place for customers.

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