Out-of-Town Students

CKCA is an international destination

A large percentage of the students at CKCA come to us from outside the NYC metropolitan area. This includes students who travel from all across the US as well as those who journey from countries as far away as Australia, Panama, Mexico, the UK, and Canada. One of the most exciting aspects of student life at CKCA is having the opportunity to meet Jewish people of different backgrounds from all over the world.

We encourage out of town students to join us and will do our best to accommodate their housing, travel and other needs.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
from International Students

I am from another country, do I need a student visa to attend your program?

In most circumstances a student visa is required for anyone staying in the US for a period longer than 3 months. Since our full-time programs are usually less than 3 months, no visa should be required.
Do you offer housing?

Although we do not offer housing directly, we can assist students from out of town to find a place to stay. Please mention that you will need assistance when applying so that we may share our resources with you as soon as possible.
I would like to take one of your programs, but my English language and reading skills are not strong. Is this going to cause a problem?

Because our goal is to train students in hands-on, practical skills, reading and writing in English, although very important, is not absolutely essential. However, students do need to understand English and at the very least be able to communicate at a basic level. Although the class is conducted entirely in English and students are required to communicate in English with the staff and their classmates, we have instructors and staff members who speak Spanish and Hebrew who are able to mediate if need be.
What is the area like where you are located?

CKCA is located in the heart of Midwood or Flatbush, one of the primary Jewish communities in Brooklyn. Our street in particular is one of the busiest Jewish shopping districts in the entire city.

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