Meet our Students

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Our student body is diverse in many ways.

We come from an array of religious affiliations, from Chasidish to Modern Orthodox to non-religious, but what we all have in common is that we are dedicated to learning classic culinary technique in a Glatt Kosher environment. We have diverse geographic origins, coming from as nearby as Coney Island Avenue and as far as Australia and South America. We are equally split between male and female, we are young and not so young, ranging in age from 15 to 60, and we are motivated as first careerists, second careerists and as enthusiastic home cooks.

Below, meet some of our talented and diverse alumni.


 …Meet Avi Roth, Class of Summer 2008
Second Careerist, Restaurant Owner: Gotham Burger

A trained developmental physiologist, Avi reinvented himself as a restauranteur after attending CKCA’s first professional program in 2008. In April 2012 he opened Gotham Burger, “A Kosher Shake Shack,” in Teaneck, NJ. His success soon led to a second location in 2013 on the Upper West Side. Today Avi employees CKCA graduates who contribute to his vision of high quality meat, good service and affordable prices.

…Meet Rebecca Zauss, Class of Summer 2013
Sous Chef & Manager, Abigael’s on Broadway












Rebecca came to CKCA after earning her associates in hotel and restaurant management. She wanted to experience a kosher culinary environment where she could taste what she cooked. After CKCA, she was able to parlay an externship at Abigael’s on Broadway into a full-fledged job as a sous chef in their flagship restaurant in midtown and a manager at their concession stand at the Barclays Center. She credits her time as a student at CKCA for expanding her culinary vocabulary, orienting her to a fast paced kitchen environment and exposing her to kosher fine dining.

…Meet Dan Zelkowitz, Class of Summer 2009
Hospitably Management, F&B Hospitality Group 










Dan began his culinary career in Israel before coming to CKCA in the summer of 2009. He is currently working as an Assistant Vice President of Operations for F&B Hospitality Group where he oversees and directs 16 restaurants under the company’s umbrella. Dan enjoys seeing a restaurant develop from an idea into an actualized functioning space with a unique culinary vision. He hopes to one day open a restaurant that bridges the gap between kosher and non-kosher that appeals to both demographics.

 …Meet Nechamit Rosen, Class of Spring 2012
Pastry Chef, The Kosher Marketplace









Nechamit is a working pastry professional who specializes in gluten free desserts at The Kosher Marketplace in the Upper West Side. She supplemented her CKCA education with a degree from the Institute of Culinary Education’s Culinary Management Program, which gave her a well-rounded understanding of the food business and furthered her success in the competitive field. Nechamit remembers CKCA as the place where she gained technical expertise, developed her baking passion, and began to pursue her dream of working in the pastry arts.

Jewish Baking Classics

You’ve never tasted Babka and Rugelach like these!
Join us for this special class and bring the classics back home.


Date Night - Fall Feast

"A meal to remember"

Work together with that special someone to create a delicious, 4-course, upscale dinner.



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