Upon completion of our professional programs, students are sent out on a 6-week apprenticeship for practical, on-the-job training in a food service venue. Apprenticeships are completed at restaurants, with caterers, kitchens in institutional settings, bakeries, as well as manufacturing and business management settings. Students are not paid for their apprenticeship time, and are covered by CKCA’s insurance for the duration of their experience. We are always interested in adding additional apprenticeship venues for our students. If interested in becoming a partnering institution, contact CKCA Dean of Student Affairs Avram Wiseman at Avram@kosherculinaryarts.com

Examples of apprenticeship settings include:

Mike’s Bistro and Mike’s Italian Kitchen
Prime Hospitality Group; The Prime Grill, Solo, Prime Ko
My Most Favorite Food Company
ETC Steakhouse
Abigael’s on Broadway
Ram Catering
Village Crown Catering
Gemstone Catering
3 Tablespoons Bakery
Orchidea Restaurant
Basil Restaurant
Pardes Restaurant
Mocha Bleu
T-Fusion Steakhouse

Post a Job on KosherCareers.com

If you’re looking to fill a position in your business, CKCA is at the center of a growing network of cooks, chefs, bakers, and other food service professionals. If you are a chef, restauranteur, caterer, food distributor, food manufacturer, marketer, Kosher supervision service or anyone working in the kosher food industry, CONTACT US

KosherCareers.com is our newly launched affiliate website dedicated exclusively to matching employers with job searchers in the kosher food business. Simply post the position and the opening will get not only online exposure, but the attention of our students, staff and alumni. It’s a WIN-WIN for all looking to raise the bar in the kosher food industry.

Personal Attention

A member of our staff will review each listing and if appropriate, will direct it to a contact in our network for potential matching. To post a job on KosherCareers.com, click here.

Personal Chef Referral Service

No time to cook for your family? Perhaps you have family coming for Shabbat or Yom Tov and want to spend time with your guests rather than in the kitchen? We will connect you to an experienced personal chef within our network who will prepare sumptuous meals, all to your specification for your particular needs and at your convenience.

Classic Jewish Dairy featuring Liz Alpern of Gifilteria (MANHATTAN)

Explores classic dishes (with a twist of course!) from the Jewish dairy restaurant.

Make your own farmers cheese, sweet and savory crepes from scratch, chilled soup, slaw and more!


The Cuisine Of Israel (Manhattan)

Join CKCA and Israeli Chef Shlomo Schwartz for a 4 day exploration of the cuisine of Israel

For those who can’t make the trip this summer, taking this class is the next best thing!



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