Program Goals

The goals of this program are as follows:

  • Orient the student to the professional kosher culinary environment and teach the student to operate within that environment in a safe, efficient, & skillful manner
  • Hone the student’s understanding and practice of fundamental culinary technique
  • Develop in the student an understanding of flavor and taste and an appreciation for quality ingredients
  • Facilitate the student’s transition in to the working world by providing both career counseling and an opportunity for networking.



Pastry–Sweet & Savory (Manhattan)

Learn savory and sweet applications for the best pies, tarts and quiche ever!

Knowing the right technique and baking skills make the most memorable dishes possible, even for the “non-baker”.


Teens Baking Camp (Manhattan)

A dream come true for the aspiring young baker!

this class will teach many of the same skills that we cover in our professional baking & pastry arts program.



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